About Me

Member of the AMT (Association of Massage Therapists)

Accredited with all major health funds.

Diploma in Remedial Massage – 2017

Cert IV in Therapeutic Massage – 2016

Diploma in Reflexology (UK) – 2000

ITEC Certificate in Holistic Massage (UK) – 1999

I first discovered massage when I went for treatments for my own lower back pain issues 25 years ago. I benefited so much that I decided it was a skill worth learning myself and in 1999 I qualified as a holistic massage therapist in the UK. That was quickly followed with a diploma in reflexology in 2000. I practised in the UK alongside my job in a busy media office, where I saw just how many problems arise from people working under constantly high stress levels.

A move to Australia in late 2014 meant retraining to ensure my qualifications were up-to-date and in line with Australian regulations and standards. So I spent 2016-17 gaining my Cert IV and Diploma in Remedial Massage to be able to practise over here.

Now my wife and I have moved to the beautiful town of Castlemaine, and we are loving our tree change (after living on the NSW coast for three years).

I love all the different modes of massage I practise.

Relaxation massage is what I have been doing for almost 20 years now. It’s much more intuitive than the more medical remedial massage and needs a genuine connection with the person being treated. There’s nothing better than seeing a client get off the table looking either more relaxed or more energised for whatever is next on their agenda.

In remedial massage, it’s exciting to see the progress clients make through a course of treatments, and as a football (the round ball type) fan, I have especially enjoyed working with footballer injuries like pulled hamstrings and groin strains. But even helping an 80 year old lady turn her head so she could safely reverse her car was a joy to see. But while remedial massage is aimed at fixing a specific condition, I still bring in my holistic approach to any treatment so will not just address the part of the body affected.

I never used to like seated massage because I felt the work through clothing impeded my ability to work deeply on the soft tissue I was targeting. But the sequence I was taught in Tafe NSW has rekindled my enthusiasm for this type of massage. And it’s easier both for those who haven’t time to get undressed, or have mobility issues making it hard to get on or off a treatment table. I love its versatility.

Reflexology has always fascinated me and is one of my favourite treatments to give. I love the way just massaging the feet can have such an overall relaxing effect. But I also marvel at how often a sensitive point on the foot corresponds to a part of the body the client is having problems with.

I have always been a fan of aromatherapy, also. And the courses I have done at Tafe NSW have enabled me now to use aromatherapy oils in my own treatments. The course even included lessons in blending my own oils, but I prefer to source my products from people who focus just on that, which is why I go to the essential oils sold in Kyneton and Castlemaine. And I am happy to endorse them by using the products in my massages.

Overall , the great thing about massage is how individual everyone is, so there is always something new to learn and a new story to hear. Some people find my career combination of journalism and massage a strange pairing. But actually, the overlaps are many, as both massage and journalism involves hearing people’s stories. It’s perhaps just the outcomes that can be different…