New massage therapist in Castlemaine

It’s exciting to start a new chapter of my massage career from our new home in the lovely Victorian Goldfields town of Castlemaine. We only moved here from NSW at the beginning of 2018, but we’re already loving the friendly community feel and both my wife and I have got involved in a number of local groups and activities.

What I love about massage is the way it brings me into contact with a vast range of people and the different conditions or problems they bring to me.

Over the years since I began massaging in the UK, I have probably had most contact with the more active elements of a community – whether sportsmen and women or dancers – and with people who have traditionally tended not to take time out for themselves – like full-time family carers and older people. In Australia, with an increasingly active older population, there’s even an overlap between those two sets of people I have seen most of. And in a country town like Castlemaine, there will surely be members of the farming community who will need work on tired muscles and joints at the end of the sheep-shearing or fruit-picking seasons!

Keep an eye on this News page for special offers as I look to make massage more accessible to these different groups, and more.

I look forward to treating many of you in the years to come.