Migraine Awareness Week – special offer

This Thursday 6 September 2018 sees the start of Migraine Awareness Week. It’s an annual chance to raise awareness of severe tension headaches and migraines, which are endured by millions of Australians.

To mark the week, Unwind Massage Castlemaine will be offering massively discounted treatments to locals living with migraines on a regular basis.

From 6-20 September 2018, come for a head, neck and shoulder massage and/or reflexology session for just $20 if you suffer from migraines or severe tension headaches.


Headache Australia has done some great work identifying what constitutes a migraine and some of the triggers that can bring one on. Their information page is full of really useful insights.

As a massage therapist, I have seen how much people whose daily lives and sleep patterns are ruined by migraines can benefit from massage. The relief when the intensity or frequency of the migraines begins to reduce is almost palpable in those clients.

I personally have had three migraines in my life, and having experienced them, I can honestly say that’s three too many.

As a practising therapist, I did manage to take some positives out of the experience, though.

For a start, it enabled me to empathise with those who get migraines more regularly.

But also, I used the experience to work out what triggered them for me (stress and certain lights in offices), where the focus of the pain was (around my eye socket), and what I needed to do when the symptoms reached their peak (basically lie in a dark, quiet, cool room and stay completely still).

Each person’s triggers, pain focus and symptoms will be slightly different. Each person’s story of what helps to relieve the pain might differ, too.

So at Unwind Massage Castlemaine, I’ll be open to hearing your migraine stories as well as giving a hands on experience and hopefully we can work together to reduce their impact on your daily lives.

(Photo credit: Anh Nguyen on Unsplash)