A reflexology session at Unwind Massage Castlemaine is a chance for you to get full focus on your feet. Reflexology is generally classified as a relaxation foot massage, so is not refundable under private health funds inĀ  Australia.

But, historically, reflexology is based on the principle that the feet represent a map of the whole human body, with certain points on the feet identified with corresponding parts of the body.

On your first reflexology session at Unwind, I take a full client history, so a one hour session is needed, though 45 minutes is sufficient for subsequent sessions. The history is important both to help identify which parts of the foot to focus on, and which areas may need to be avoided, either for reasons relating to the foot (eg gout or oedema) or for the necessary precautions to be taken (eg first trimester of pregnancy).

I have been practising as a reflexologist since qualifying in the UK in 2000, though reflexology was also part of my more recent Australian training in relaxation massage.

Cost of a reflexology treatment at Unwind

Initial consultation 1 hour – $65

45 minutes – $50