Relaxation Massage

Sometimes you just want to unwind and get a massage to feel better in yourself, whether it’s easing out those tense bits that build up day by day or energising yourself ahead of some sort of event (sporting or performance, or even just hosting a party at home!). In that case a Relaxation Massage is just the thing for you!

For a full body relaxation massage at Unwind, book in for 90 minutes, or if that just seems too long out of a busy day, go for an hour or even 45 minutes, and I can concentrate on the areas of your body most in need of attention. It’s amazing what can be achieved in a short space of time when your therapist is focusing totally on your needs and your well-being. If time is really short, though, and you only have half an hour or less, try a seated massage.

I take a holistic approach to massage, so when you first arrive at Unwind Massage Castlemaine, I will want to take a few minutes to hear your story. Past injuries or illnesses, sources of stress in your life, and of course any allergies or personal likes and dislikes can affect the way I approach the massage, so that pre-treatment chat may take a little longer on your first appointment.

Please note, relaxation massages are not refundable under health funds.

Cost of a relaxation massage at Unwind

90 minutes full body – $90

60 minutes – $65

45 minutes – $50