Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is aimed at helping provide a ‘remedy’ for a musculo-skeletal problem you may have, whether this be a torn muscle, a ligament sprain, chronic back pain or just regular headaches, for example. At Unwind Massage Castlemaine, I hope you will also finish the treatment feeling more positive and relaxed, but it is the ‘remedial’ aspect which allows this type of massage to benefit from some reimbursement under private health funds.

Your first Remedial Massage treatment will involve an assessment of your condition(s), so do please bring along any scans or x-rays and let me know of any treatment you have already had from other health (and allied health) professionals. Don’t worry if Unwind Massage Castlemaine is your first port of call: I will still carry out a thorough assessment before treating you, and will refer to other professionals if that is needed for the best outcomes.

Sometimes one Remedial Massage is all you need to resolve the issue, but often you will need a treatment plan and goals to lead you to full recovery. We can adapt these as we progress, but it is always important for therapist and client to work together to get where you want to be.

Cost of a remedial massage treatment at Unwind

60 minutes – $70

45 minutes – $55