Seated Massage

A seated massage is great for those of you who don’t have time for more than 20 minutes or a half hour out of busy lives. You stay fully-dressed, too, so is perfect for anyone not comfortable undressing and exposing even their back and legs.

Seated massage is also a great option for anyone who struggles getting onto or off the treatment couch. I have used it for clients experiencing severe and chronic lower back pain, where getting onto the usual massage table causes more discomfort than it’s worth, and is an option for women in the later stages of pregnancy, too.

The basic 20 minute seated massage sequence at Unwind focuses on back, shoulders, neck and arms, though we can extend that to half hour to include work on your scalp and/or legs as well.

And if you are housebound, either for physical reasons or for family/caring responsibilities, I am able to offer seated massage in your own home (provided you live within a 15km radius of Castlemaine).

Cost of seated massage at Unwind

20 minutes – $25

30 minutes – $32